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This page contains the instructions to replace the motor controller board (MCB) for the NoblePro Elite Series (NPE78848E8is, NPE78844E8i, NPE78847E8s, NPE78843E8.0).

WARNING: Mains voltage can be dangerous. Ensure the needed safety precautions are taken before undertaking these instructions.

What will I need?

To undertake the replacement you will need:

1. Replacement motor controller board.

2. Star screwdriver.

Removal of the faulty motor controller board

1. Turn off the treadmill by the wall and unplug the cable from the treadmill power socket and wait 20 mins for the capacitors to discharge.

2. Remove the motor cover by removing the 4 retaining screws.

Note: At this point, it is always good to take a photo of the connections as a point of reference.

3. Remove all connectors attached to the board.

Note: The connectors have an anti-vibrate clip built in which might need slight force to disconnect during removal.
Top Tip: The use of a screwdriver to pry the connectors off makes it easier.

4. Remove the 2 screws fixing the controller board to the treadmill base.

5. The control board should now be free to remove and placed in a safe location.

Installation of the motor controller

The installation is the reverse of the removal process.

6. Connect the connections as indicated in the diagram below. The reference images in step 3 can be useful.

7. Place the board over the fixing holes on the treadmill base and secure it with the 2 fixing screws. Be sure to tighten the screws securely as there should not be any play between the controller board and the treadmill base.

8. Plug the power cable into the treadmill power socket, turn it on and turn the wall socket on. If there are any indications the equipment was incorrectly connected please turn the power off at the wall immediately.

Verify and closing

The treadmill should now start up ready for verification and testing. If the screen has not come on please ensure the safety key is in place or use the user manual to troubleshoot.

9. With the treadmill on push the start button.

10. Verify the treadmill running belt is moving in the correct direction.

11. Verify the incline goes up and down when using the up and down control buttons.

12. Verify the stop button and emergency stop works.

13. Verification is now complete. Ensure the treadmill has stopped and repeat step 1.

14. Install the motor cover removed in step 2.

15. Repeat step 8.

16. The installation is now complete.


Running belt turning opposite direction > The main motor connectors are incorrect and need to be swapped. Repeat step 1-2, verify step 6 and steps 8-15.

Incline is not functioning > The main motor connectors are incorrect and need to be swapped. Repeat step 1-2, verify step 7 and steps 8-15.

Treadmill is not turning on > Ensure the power cable is plugged in, the power socket is on and the wall plug is on. If there are no LEDs showing on the motor controller during step 8, this indicates there is no electricity at the motor control board. Check all fuses (plugs and power sockets), circuit breakers and ensure the motor controller is wired as per step 6. If the issue persists use the user’s manual to troubleshoot.

Connector is not coming off > The spade connectors have a retaining clip that, if pushed down, will make the removal easier.


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