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This page explains why, when and how to complete the necessary maintenance checks on your treadmill to ensure the longest life of your machine.

Why do I need to complete maintenance checks on my treadmill?

If you keep on top of maintaining your treadmill, you’ll reduce the chances of any machine faults/issues and is an important part of ensuring the validity of your warranty
Additionally, your treadmill may become dangerous to use thus increasing your chances of injury whilst using the treadmill e.g. belt sticking or running board being damaged due to lack of lubrication. 

When do I need to complete maintenance checks on my treadmill?

Maintence checkFrequency
Lubricate treadmill belt Every 300km
Check belt tension and alignmentEvery 300km
Incline/mechanical joints lubricationEvery 300km
Motor torque optimisationWhen required (if belt jumps/stutters)
Cleaning of screen and baseAfter every use with light soap solution on a cotton cloth

How do I complete maintenance checks on my treadmill?

We hope this helps you to keep your treadmill running smoothly and in tip-top shape for many happy miles!

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