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This page explains how to correctly lubricate the incline joints if your incline is squeaking when it is adjusted during your run.

How to lubricate the incline mechanism

  1. Please ensure your treadmill incline is set to level 0 and the power is switched off
  2. Grab some light oil (WD40 or similar multi-use lubricant)
  3. Hold the ends of the walking belt firmly and raise the frame until the lock latch locks in the storage position to allow easy access to the incline mechanism 
  4. Place a small amount of lubricant on the 5 parts of the incline joints (the joints are indicated in the image here)

Lowering your treadmill 

  1. To lower your treadmill, push the upper end of the frame forward, and gently press the upper part of the locking latch with your foot at the same time
  2. While pressing the locking latch with your foot, slowly lower the frame slightly
  3. Step back and let the frame slowly lower to the floor by itself

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