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This article will guide you to install a new treadmill motor. The process tends to be universal for most models and even brands.

There are some key components which need to be identified when installing a motor.

  • Motor control board (MCB)
    This board controls the motor and communicates with the screen.
  • Motor belt tensioner
    The tensioner is used to adjust the motor belt tension.
  • Motor bracket bolts
    These bolts secure the motor assembly to the frame.
  • Motor belt
    The belt attached to the motor pulley and front roller pulley
  • Motor mounting bolts
    These bolts secure the motor to the motor mounting plate.

Step 1

You will need to disconnect the motor cables before starting the removal of the old motor. 

1. Turn off the treadmill by the wall and unplug the cable from the treadmill power socket and wait 20 mins for the capacitors to discharge.

2. Remove the motor cover by removing the 4 retaining screws.

Note: At this point, it is always good to take a photo of the connections as a point of reference.

3. Remove the motor connectors (1) from MCB.

4. Remove the earth cable that connects the motor to the treadmill base frame.

Step 2

You will need to remove the motor pulley tensioning bolt. 

1. Locate the motor pulley tensioning bolt (2) and completely remove it. 

Step 3

At this point, we can remove the motor mounting plate bolts.

1. Remove the four motor plate mounting bolts (3).  

Step 4

With the motor plate loose, you can remove the motor pulley.

1. Remove the pulley motor (4) from the motor.  

Step 5

You are now able to access the motor mounting bolts located directly on the motor.

1. Remove the two motor mounting bolts (5).  

Step 6

With the old motor completely removed, you are able to reinstall the new motor by following steps 1-5 in reverse.

Step 7

With the new motor installed, it is important to ensure the motor is aligned and the motor pulley tensioned correctly.

Please follow this guide:
Motor pulley alignment and tension


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