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This guide will walk you through how to fit a BLE Bluetooth HRM V2 module for NoblePro Elite E8 series treadmills. There modules were fitted as of 26th Dec 2021.

This will allow HRM BLE enabled apps to get heart rate data from the treadmill to enable viewing of your heart rate on the treadmill screen and compatible apps. You will need to connect your HRM to the treadmill or use the heart rate pulse handles in order for the treadmill to pick up your heart rate data.

What will I need?

  • Bluetooth HRM module pack
    • 1 x white cable (green connectors)
    • 1 x BLE HRM Bluetooth module (green)
    • 1 x small screw
  • Stare screwdriver 
  • Pliers
If you need video assistance, please see the video below. 

NoblePro Elite E8i

NoblePro Elite E8.0

Fitting the new module

Step 1: Unscrew the 7 screws from the back of the screen 

Step 2: Remove the back of the screen. Be careful to ensure the cables attached to the inside of the screen do not get caught. Ensure they are pulled all the way through the space on the back of the screen.

Step 3:  The back of the screen will also be attached with a black/red cable to the motherboard. Please unclip this from the blue clip on the motherboard

Step 4:  Put the back of the screen to the side for now.

Step 5: Locate the old green HRM module attached to the screen. Follow the black cable from the module to motherboard.

Step 6: The black cable will be attached to a green clip on the motherboard. Please unclip the black cable from the green clip. 

Step 7:  Use your pliers to cut the cable connecting the old green HRM module as possible. Leave the old module attached to the screen with the glue. This will not affect the new HRM module. 

 Step 8:  On the new HRM Bluetooth module, attach the white cable from the HRM Bluetooth module pack to the green clip on the new HRM Bluetooth module.

Step 9: Attach the free end of the white cable into the recently empty green clip on the motherboard.

Step 10: Using the screw from the HRM Bluetooth module pack, attach the new HRM Bluetooth module to the closest black screw plug. These are already part of the screen. Please ensure it is tight and secure. 

Step 11:  Reinstall the black/red cable from step 3.

Step 11:  Close and secure the back for the screen in reverse of steps 1-2.

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