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We understand it is very common to have multiple users in your household for one NoblePro treadmill. We wanted to help you to understand how you can monitor your individual progress and data in the most efficient way.

What does Sidekick record?

Sidekick records all the workouts and sessions that are completed on the E8i treadmill. You can view previous sessions and a session overview following each workout. However, Sidekick does not differentiate which individual has run a particular session as there is no individual log in.

Please note: Sidekick Lite does not record session history or give session overviews.

How can I monitor different sessions by different people? 

The best way to do this is to use a separate device such as, Kinni. You can log into your individual account and record all your sessions and data on here. Kinni will record more extensive analytics and allows you to delve deeply into your session stats!

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