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NoblePro treadmills have been carefully designed to have 2% incline on “level 0”.

However, if you purchase our Zero Shoes you would need to set the incline on your NoblePro Sidekick app to “real zero”.

Using incline override

Open the Sidekick app on the Noble Pro E8i home screen.

Open Settings.

Turn on the incline override by ticking the override incline box. 

This will change the incline range from ‘2%-12%’ to ‘0%-10%’. Therefore, level 0 will be 0%

You cannot manually input a specific incline, it will only allow for these 2 options.

We have provided some images below to help guide the process.,

Most treadmills have a 1-2% incline built into their design when at the lowest level. It is best to measure this using the built in inclinometer.

If you are interested in reading more on inclines and treadmills have a look here.

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