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What are Widgets?

Widgets are different data points you can view whilst you run e.g. Time, Distance. Everyone is different in how they want to view their workout, that’s why we give you the choice!

How to change your Widgets

On the Sidekick app you can view a total of 5 different Widgets at once.

You can change each Widget very easily by doing the following:

  1. Open the Sidekick app.
  2. Click on box with the Widget you want to change e.g. Time
  3. A pop-up menu of available Widgets will appear, with short description if it is required
  4. Select the Widget you want to change it to and it will be highlighted in red (please note: this will be saved for all future runs on Sidekick too)
  5. To save your choice, just click away to the side of the pop-up menu
Sidekick Widgets

What can I change the widget to?

Time – Distance – Distance – Exact Steps – Calories Calories Per Hour – Calculated Speed – Calculated Speed Exact – Pace – Pace Per Hundred – Instant Pace – Stride – Instant Cadence – Average Cadence – Heart Rate – Elevation

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