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Here we are going to provide some insight on how you can purchase and connect the right wireless bluetooth headphones to use alongside your E8i treadmill to enhance your workout experience! If you have selected a correct and compatible pair, your treadmill will connect automatically and will remember the headphones each time you use your treadmill.

Bluetooth Headphones (for E8i only) 

Many people use wireless, Bluetooth headphones when they are outside on a run that connects to their smartwatch and/or mobile phone to stop their headphones from being yanked out of their ears from their strong arm swing. By purchasing a Bluetooth dongle for your treadmill, you can watch and listen to your films, music or videos on your NoblePro Elite E8i using your wireless Bluetooth headphones too.
Not all Bluetooth dongles are made equal. The Bluetooth dongle needs to automatically pair with your headphones. This normally means the dongle has a “pairing” button on the device itself. Have a look at the Avantree DG80 as an example.
We do not have specific Bluetooth dongles that we recommend, but if it meets the specifications listed below, it will work with our treadmill. 

Your chosen bluetooth dongle needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Able to auto-pair 
  • USB A connector
  • Audio-only dongle

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