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Here we are going to provide some insight on how you can purchase and connect the right chest heart rate monitor (HRM) to use alongside your E8.0 or E8i treadmill that will enhance your workout experience! If you have selected a correct and compatible device, your treadmill will connect automatically and will remember the device each time you use your treadmill.

Heart-Rate Monitors

Both the NoblePro E8.0 and E8i have hand grip heart rate monitors on the main console, but if you are wanting a little more accuracy, we recommend purchasing a chest heart rate monitor. Only Bluetooth low energy (BLE) compatible devices will connect to the NoblePro Elite treadmills. Please refer to individual manufacturer specifications. 
Please note: ANT+ is not the same as BLE (explained here)
We do not have specific heart rate monitors (HRM) that we recommend, but if it meets the specifications below, it will work with our treadmill.

Heart rate monitors that will connect to your NoblePro Elite treadmill need:

  • BLE (bluetooth low energy) compatibility
  • Disconnecting from all other devices

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