by design.

Mission statement

NoblePro exists to provide treadmills for runners, and people wanting more from their treadmills. Our aim is to change the perspective of treadmills in the mind of the user and elevate their running experience.

Philosophy & vision

We pride ourselves on being innovative and front runners in treadmill design. Implementing inspirational integration and technology in the fitness and running community is our main drive. We are strong believers in supporting the community by backing inspirational people within the community and promoting their incredible work.

We believe that the collaboration between indoor and outdoor training is the road to success. One compliments the other and you can find joy and adventure in both nature and machine. We pride ourselves in offering equipment that is designed with you in mind, the elite runner through to the new beginner.

We are an innovative and agile company, always evolving towards creating the best running experiences and connectivity to the global running and fitness communities.

NoblePro is your training partner. We have an aspirational but specialist approach within the running community to help you train and perform to your optimum level.

Being great believers in learning from the community we know what works best for everyone and want to ensure that everyone can train to the best of their ability with our support.

Our approach may be specialist but we are very much aspired by all running abilities and want to create an environment where all are welcome.

Because our treadmills are specifically designed for runners we see them as a training partner for you. Being the perfect training tool to help you smash your goals and beat those personal bests.