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Foot pods + Go app

As technology develops, we believe that all advancements need to develop together through great collaboration. For example, with your treadmill and NoblePro Go we envisage you being able to connect any app, device or accessory so you can best utilise your treadmill to a high level of accuracy. Firstly, we

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Incline Override

NoblePro treadmills have been carefully designed to have 2% incline on “level 0”. So, you may be wondering why you would want to override the incline on your NoblePro Go app.Reasons may include: You’re using our the Zero Shoes to run on “true zero” You want to align the incline

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Sharing your workout on your social channels

Smash your session and need to share it with your friends? Now you can! As you now have the option to create, convert and crush your workouts on the NoblePro Go App, we want you to be able to share these stats with your friends. You can now share your

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What are FIT files?

You may have seen in other support articles, we talk about exporting your workouts via a FIT file to Strava, TrainingPeaks and lots of other apps. Firstly, a FIT file = Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file which is defined by Garmin. It is a file format that is used

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Changelog: NoblePro Go

The NoblePro Go app is our flagship mobile app for iOS and Android – you can read more about it here. We have a dedicated website for the release notes, changes, and any user suggestions here: cc.noble-pro.com

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Using your inclinometer

The NoblePro Go app comes with a fully functional inclinometer in the app. From Wikipedia: An inclinometer is an instrument used for measuring angle of a slope of an object with respect to gravity’s direction. This allows you to measure the incline of your treadmill by holding your phone’s flat

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Go vs Sidekick

In order to provide a detailed comparison of the Go and Sidekick app we have created this article and supporting articles. The basis for the different apps are as follows: The Go is a mobile device app, available for everyone to download on the App Store and Play Store.  The

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How to connect to your heart rate monitor

The NoblePro Go app allows you to connect your Android or iOS device to your treadmill using Bluetooth. This enables the NoblePro Go app to record your sessions, and provide you detailed insights into your exercise. The NoblePro Go app can also connect to your heart-rate monitor (HRM), and doing

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How to edit a Custom Workout

To edit a Custom Workout, you will need to create one first. Once you have created a Custom Workout, it will appear in your list on the Workouts tab. To edit a Custom Workout, tap the pencil on the Custom Workouts card. This will open the Workout Creator, and from

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