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Internet speed test

This guide will walk you through how to perform a WiFi speed test if the apps on your NoblePro E8i screen seem to be slow to respond/crash when connected to the internet. A speed test is helpful to do once you have already tried the following: Forget your WiFi network

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Fixing an E02 error

This page explains what an E02 error means and how to fix it on an NoblePro Elite E8.0 treadmill. What does E02 error mean? Reason 1: Communication cable fault. The communication cable is how data is sent from the motor to the treadmill screen. The cable is located inside the

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WiFi Authentication Issues

This article will help you troubleshoot issues with connecting your NoblePro E8i to the WiFi. What are the possible causes? If you are getting the following errors after entering your password, the system cannot get an IP address from the access point to which you are trying to connect. Notification

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Netflix audio is out of sync

When you are using the Netflix app on your E8i treadmill, sometimes the audio can be out of sync.  Fortunately, this is not an issue with your treadmill.  Unfortunately, it is an issue with the Netflix app. This can be tested through the other apps that are already loaded onto the treadmill. Please

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Testing the speaker volume

This page explains how to measure the NoblePro Elite E8 Series speaker output levels. We know this is important to many people so we wanted to provide a way to check the volume levels. What tools to use To measure the sound you will need to use a decibel meter.

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Motor torque optimisation

This page contains instructions on how to optimise the motor torque value on the Elite E8.0 and E8i. Before starting this process ensure the belt is correctly adjusted (see guide here). If the torque value is not optimised the belt might stutter, have a sluggish response when in use of

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Belt rhythmic thumping or “heartbeat” noise

This page explains the rhythmic thumping or sometimes referred to as the “heartbeat” noise a treadmill makes when the running belt is moving. This is a very common question especially for new treadmills or replacement running belts. What causes the sound? The noise is a result of the treadmill running

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How to remove bump stops

If your treadmill is making a knocking noise when on a slight incline it could be that the frame is touching the bump stops. It might be worth trying the treadmill without the bump stops installed or increasing the treadmill incline slightly. What are bump stops? The bump stops are

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Blank treadmill screen

This page will help you troubleshoot if your NoblePro treadmill screen is blank and not turning on. Check the cable connections The most common cause of the screen not turning on is related to the cables not being connected securely. Check that all the connectors in the upright post and

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Why does the electricity keep tripping?

Introduction Treadmill uses a large electric motor to power the running belt but the circuit should be able to handle the power requirements. NoblePro treadmills are designed for 13 amp standard circuits at home. However, there are times when a treadmill may trip the circuit breaker. This is not limited

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