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Indoor vs Outdoor running

The great debate.. Firstly, indoor running on treadmills has a much shorter history than outdoor running does.  There has been some research into whether treadmill running is easier than outdoor running because of factors such as lack of wind resistance and the treadmill belt assisting leg turnover. It makes you

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What is Strava?

Strava is a free online and mobile platform that helps you track your training, upload your runs, follow other athletes, hand out kudos as well as join clubs and challenges! Before you can use Strava you need to sign up and make an account. It is really easy to use

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What is TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks is an online and mobile platform that helps you plan your training for your goal race, whether you are a new runner looking for a training plan, an experienced runner with a coach, or even if you want to plan and analyze your own training. Before you can use

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Does my treadmill have FTMS Bluetooth?

The world of Bluetooth can be a bit of a black box. This article aims to bring some light to the FiTness Machine Service (FTMS) Bluetooth protocol. We will be focusing on the basic requirements to identify, get data and control your treadmill via Bluetooth. If you are wondering what

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What is FTMS?

The FiTness Machine Service protocol, better known as FTMS, is the latest Bluetooth standard used to control fitness equipment including treadmills, training bikes, and rowing machines. Follow our guide to find out if your treadmill is FTMS enabled. What does FTMS mean in the real world? FTMS is revolutionising app

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