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Marathon Recovery – Your 1 Month Plan!

Firstly, running a marathon is an incredible achievement and you should already be so proud! Now you’re probably either reading this article because your friends have told you that you are going to ache for DAYS after a marathon or that you’ve just run a marathon and need some recovery

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How to structure your training week

No matter if you are training for your first 5K or your 100th marathon, it’s always best to have some structure to your training. Unless the structure is wearing you down and you just want to run ad hoc for a little bit (but this isn’t without it’s challenges too!) 

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What is Zwift?

Zwift “run” is a free online and mobile platform, for both iOS and Android, that allows you to run virtual routes with your own created avatar. You can explore the virtual world, race your friends, create meet-ups, complete daily challenges, and run Zwift workouts. It’s really easy to use, and

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What watts?

Do you know how much power your treadmill uses? To ensure you know what to expect before or after you buy your treadmill, we want you to understand ‘what watts’ your treadmill uses in order to account for this in your monthly finances.  We did some testing for you using

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What is Rouvy?

Think Zwift meets Kinomap! Rouvy is a free online and mobile platform, for both iOS and Android that allows you to run real-world routes with your own created avatar. **IMPORTANT: Updating your NoblePro Firmware** Before you can use and connect to Rouvy successfully, you will need to update the Bluetooth chip firmware on

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What is Peloton?

Peloton are not only a hardware manufacturer, but they offer a paid web and mobile platform (for both iOS and Android) that allows you complete thousands of live workout classes with your own instructor. It’s a great way to boost motivation and to add something new to your training routine!

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How to plan a great workout

There isn’t one single workout that we can guarantee will transform you into a pro athlete but you certainly can create a workout using the same principles they do. This will act as part of your training plan to help you become a faster runner! Disclaimer: Please consult with your

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What is Kinomap?

Kinomap is a paid app for iOS and Android (as well as an online platform) that allows you to watch user-generated videos from around the world while you run, cycle, or row on fitness equipment.  You can connect your NoblePro Elite E8i treadmill and E8.0 treadmill, and go for a

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Foot pods vs treadmills vs smartwatches

Foot pods vs treadmills vs smartwatches, what are the difference between them all? The accuracy of treadmills is something that is commonly discussed among everyone from data fanatics to running newbies. Whether you want to complete a run or compete in a race, accuracy matters. Smashing personal bests, hitting fast

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Bluetooth vs Ant+

There tends to be a lot of confusion between BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ANT+. We aim to provide some clarity on the subject here.  Here are some quick Mythbusters to get started: ANT+ ANT+ is not Bluetooth but does use wireless technology Can connect to multiple devicese.g. Connecting/pairing one

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