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Sidekick Lite

How to change units on Sidekick Lite

Everyone is different in how they want to measure things, that’s why we give you the choice! How to do it By default, the app is set to metric units, which means the data you see with be displayed in metres and kilometres. You can also set the app’s units

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How to find my version of the Sidekick Lite app

This page explains how to identify the NoblePro Sidekick Lite app version. How to find the software version You can check the version easily by doing the following: Open the Sidekick Lite app from the dashboard Click on the Cog icon from the run screen Here you will see the

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How to change between Sidekick Lite and Original

Even though, Sidekick Lite might be great for some, others prefer the extra features that Sidekick offers. Not to worry, you can switch easily between the two! Open Settings from your E8i Home Screen Select Software Select Sidekick Settings This page will tell you whether you are currently running Sidekick or

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What is the Sidekick Lite app?

Sidekick Lite is a ‘Lite-r’ version of the Sidekick NoblePro app that is installed directly on the E8i treadmill screen. Sidekick Lite may have less features, but with this, comes more responsiveness when running your session! Feature Sidekick Lite Speed and incline preset buttons HR monitor connectivity Session overview Current running

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Changelog: E8i Sidekick Lite

Release 23.2.3 – [Fix] Negative speed error- [Fix] Negative incline error Release 23.2.1 – [Update] Default incline value to 0% – [Fix] Incline shortcut buttons didn’t work- [Fix] Speed buttons didn’t work- [Fix] Unit conversation Release 23.1.4 – Sidekick Lite is a less resource-intensive version of the Original Sidekick app, focused

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