How to change Widgets on Sidekick

What are Widgets? Widgets are different data points you can view whilst you run e.g. Time, Distance. Everyone is different in how they want to view their workout, that’s why we give you the choice! How to change your Widgets On the Sidekick app you can view a total of 5

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Incline Override on Sidekick

NoblePro treadmills have been carefully designed to have 2% incline on “level 0”. However, if you purchase our Zero Shoes you would need to set the incline on your NoblePro Sidekick app to “real zero”. Using incline override Open the Sidekick app on the Noble Pro E8i home screen. Open

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How to transfer previous sessions

If you have updated your Treadmill to version 1.6.2 and have Sidekick version 22.3.9 or above then you will notice that your previous sessions will NOT have transfered over.This step by step guide will allow you to manually transfer your previous sessions over onto this app. How to do it

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How to change units on Sidekick

Everyone is different in how they want to measure things, that’s why we give you the choice! How to do it By default, the app is set to metric units, which means the data you see with be displayed in metres and kilometres. You can also set the app’s units

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