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Elite E8.0

Connecting your HR monitor

Here we are going to provide some insight on how you can purchase and connect the right chest heart rate monitor (HRM) to use alongside your E8.0 or E8i treadmill that will enhance your workout experience! If you have selected a correct and compatible device, your treadmill will connect automatically

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How to fit a Bluetooth BLE HRM V2 module

This guide will walk you through how to fit a BLE Bluetooth HRM V2 module for NoblePro Elite E8 series treadmills. There modules were fitted as of 26th Dec 2021. This will allow HRM BLE enabled apps to get heart rate data from the treadmill to enable viewing of your

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Fitting an FTMS + Audio Bluetooth V3

This guide will walk you through how to fit a FTMS + Audio Bluetooth V3 module for NoblePro Elite E8.0 series treadmills. These modules are FTMS compatible to allow connection to virtual foot pods, the sending of data to BLE HRM and Bluetooth audio in. For further information on the

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What are FIT files?

You may have seen in other support articles, we talk about exporting your workouts via a FIT file to Strava, TrainingPeaks and lots of other apps. Firstly, a FIT file = Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file which is defined by Garmin. It is a file format that is used

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Firmware update 1.2.0

We have just updated our Firmware update app (iOS, Android) to version 1.2.0! We are very excited about this update, and in this post I’m going to do my best to explain why it’s so cool. It’s a big step up for the treadmills’ Bluetooth capability, and it brings us

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How to measure your treadmill’s incline

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure and adjust the incline of a treadmill. This is particularly useful when calibrating, and adjusting your treadmill for use with apps that use incline data like Zwift, or our NoblePro Go app. Incline terminology There are 3 different ways in which

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How to remove the 99 minute time limit

Introduction This page contains the instructions on how to remove the 99-minute time limit on the NoblePro Elite E8.0. The NoblePro Elite E8.0 is limited to 99 minutes as default from the factory however the limit can be removed by following the instructions below. How to remove the time limit

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Noise Levels

Introduction This page goes over the NoblePro Elite Series noise level measurement. We know this is important to many people so we have taken the time to record the noise levels at different treadmill speeds. How was it measured The noise was measured at 1 m to the right of

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How to calibrate your Elite E8.0

This page contains instructions on how to calibrate the speed for the Elite E8.0. Note: This procedure is for advanced users and to be undertaken at one’s own risk. What will I need? To ensure accurate calibration of the speed you will need a measuring instrument called a tachometer.  We

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Motor torque and reducing belt stuttering

This page contains instructions on how to optimise the motor torque value on the Elite E8.0 and E8i. Before starting this process ensure the belt is correctly adjusted (see guide here). If the torque value is not optimised the belt might stutter, have a sluggish response when in use of

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