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NoblePro Bluetooth Modules Overview

The NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.0 use two Bluetooth modules for communication with apps and devices. The FTMS module has a number of advanced features. The BLE HRM module is designed with the sole purpose of connecting your heart rate chest strap via BLE to the treadmill to heart rate data into the treadmill ecosystem.

FeatureFTMS v3HRM BLE v2
FTMS compatible
Firmware updatable
Virtual foot pod
HRM BLE sender
Bluetooth audio in
HRM BLE receiver

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FTMS has the capability to send and received data from your fitness machine as well as control it.

What is FTMS?

FTMS module overview

The NoblePro FTMS modules over advanced features which enables connectivity with multiple apps and devices. For a more detailed overview have a look at:

FTMS module overview

Firmware updatable

From time to time new features will be added to the Bluetooth features. To avoid the need to upgrade the Bluetooth module (hardware) every time we have enabled the firmware to be updated via Bluetooth.

How to update my Firmware?

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