NoblePro Accessories

FTMS + Audio v3

The NoblePro FTMS + Audio module enable your NoblePro Elite treadmill to connect to the latest FTMS specifications and use your treadmill as a Bluetooth speaker.

The module will keep your FTMS specification up-to-date by using the NoblePro Firmware updater app.





HRM BLE Receiver v2

The NoblePro HRM BLE enable your NoblePro Elite treadmill to connect to any heart rate monitor chest strap that uses BLE HRM. The heart rate monitor will connect automatically to the once a heart rate is detected and will be displayed on the treadmill screen.

The heart rate data can be captured using via the treadmill for uploading to platforms like Zwift, Strava and Training Peaks.



Zero Shoes b3

The NoblePro Zero Shoes’ enable your NoblePro Elite treadmill to be at absolute Zero incline rather than the default 2% designed to simulate outdoor running.

The Zero Shoes are manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology for durability, strength and optimised design.

These shoes have been developed with the community on Discord.



NoblePro® Limited Edition merchandise