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NoblePro Elite Series Noise Levels

Introduction This page goes over the NoblePro Elite Series noise level measurement. We know this is important to many people so we have taken the time to record the noise levels at different treadmill speeds. How was it measured The noise was measured at 1 m to the right of the motor cover and 1 m off the ground. The

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Rhythmic thumping or “Heartbeat” noise

Introduction This page explains the rhythmic thumping or sometimes referred to as the “heartbeat” noise a treadmill makes when the running belt is moving. This is a very common question especially for new treadmills or replacement running belts. What causes the sound? The noise is a result of the treadmill running belt joint going over the rollers. As the joint

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How to remove bump stops

Introduction If your treadmill is making a knocking noise when on a slight incline it could be that the frame is touching the bump stops. It might be worth trying the treadmill without the bump stops installed or increasing the treadmill incline slightly. What are bump stops? The bump stops are designed for the frame to rest on when at

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