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How to replacing a bluetooth module on Elite E8 Series treadmills

Introduction This page contains the instructions how to replace or install the Bluetooth modules in the NoblePro Elite Series treadmill screen. What will I need? To undertake the installation you will need: 1. NoblePro Bluetooth module. 2. Star screwdriver. Instructions 1. Remove the 7 screws on the back of the console screen. 2. Remove the Bluetooth module fixing screw and

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How do I connect my NoblePro treadmill to the NoblePro App?

Introduction This page contains instructions on how to connect your NoblePro treadmill to the NoblePro mobile app. Note: Not all models of NoblePro treadmills have the capability to connect via Bluetooth. Please refer to the user’s manual of details. Before starting, make sure: Your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on Airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on Your mobile device

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What is FTMS?

Introduction The FiTness Machine Service protocol better known as FTMS is the latest Bluetooth standard used to control fitness equipment including treadmills, training bikes and rowing machines. What does FTMS mean in the real world? It is revolutionising app development as we know it! On a practical basis, standardisation means 3rd parties can create apps that can communicate with any

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Why does my treadmill keep starting when using Zwift?

Introduction There have been reports of NoblePro Elite treadmills starting or resuming a session without user input when connected to Zwift. This issue is solely related to the Zwift app as the treadmills are functioning as per design. What is happening? The Zwift app is sending the treadmill start session instructions via Bluetooth every few seconds. This means that when

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How to connect to Zwift

Introduction This page contains the instructions how to connect your NoblePro treadmill to Zwift via Bluetooth. Note: This feature is only available with compatible FTMS enabled NoblePro models. Instructions Download the Zwift app from the applicable App store. You can use an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac or PC or an Android device like a Samsung phone or Google

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How do I upload my session to Strava and Training Peaks?

Connecting your Strava account to the NoblePro App Open the NoblePro App Go to Menu > Settings Under “Linked Accounts” click on the Strava button on the left Strava will request authorisation to upload data to your account. Login and provide access to the NoblePro app. Your Strava account is now linked to your NoblePro App. You are now able

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How to install the NoblePro App on an iPhone

Introduction This guide shows you how to install the NoblePro app on your iPhone. Instruction 1. Open the App Store 2. Search “NoblePro” 3. Click Install 4. Once installed open the NoblePro App 5. Click OK to allow Bluetooth access. This is needed to connect to the device to the treadmill’s Bluetooth 6. Click OK to allow access to your

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